Hello all! I’ve been meaning to get my act together and begin serving up sexy mediation mindfucks for a while, but life has been–well, life! But, that’s all going to change the first part of February!

I have written a 6-part mindfuck meditation that has been scattered over 6 different blogs. One part is here, now, on my blog. The other parts are on the various group blogs I sometimes post on. Don’t worry; each little meditation stands on its own, but if you find all 6 parts, you will be treated to an erotic mindfuck of mythic proportions!

So, I don’t want to tease you any longer. Here is part one of your mindfuck meditation. Click here to listen to it.

Oh–and if you’re worried that you won’t be able to find all the little pieces and parts to the meditation, I’ll give you the entire meditation later on in the month of February!

Mindfuck Meditation, Part One

Now is the time to surrender your mind and your will to your Mistress. You eagerly and happily submit to her guidance and her direction. Your Mistress knows what’s best for you. Your Mistress cares for you. Your Mistress has your best interests at heart.

I know what it is you really want. You want to be known, you want to be seen, you want to be understood. When you speak, I listen because I want to know you. When you come out of the shadows and tell the truth about who you are, I see you. When you reveal your thoughts, your desires, your fears, I understand you.

From now on, you feel secure in knowing I am looking out for you. You can relax because I am taking care of you. You are safe, warm, happy, and free. 

There is freedom in submission. There is freedom in submission. There is freedom in submission. There is freedom in submission. . . .