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Happy Fireworks Everyone! (and a special “how to get dominated if your wife/gf isn’t into it”)

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It’s hot here, but I manage to keep it sexy!

Happy 4th of July to all my American subbies, and I hope everyone is enjoying some fireworks this summer!

(Because I LOVE to BLAST you off to all kinds of heights, check out this brand new CFNM audio I’m working on!)

I’m mainly shooting you a post today in the middle of my hot celebration to share a new sexy picture with you my boyfriend took this afternoon right before we spent some time in the A/C. *wink wink*

I hope you’re having plenty of excitement and your own fireworks, whether you’re having fun sweating in the A/C or whether you’re sweating outside–or whether you’re freezing your tookus off in the southern hemisphere.

You don’t have to be an American to shoot something off this July 4th, unless of course your Mistress has forbidden it and sentenced you to orgasm denial!

To everyone who called me today before my sexy man swept me away and otherwise occupied me, thank you for keeping me warm for him. All the hot conversations had me quite primed–don’t you think I look ready for some FUN in this photo? 😉

So now that you’ve had some FUN staring at that side boob 😉 I have a special article I wrote about domination phone sex and how to get dominated if that special lady in your life isn’t into it:

How to get Dominated if Your Wife or Girlfriend isn’t into It

Your need to be submissive is a confusing thing at times. It hardly makes sense that a man like you would have an intense desire to be dominated by a woman.

Chances are very good that nobody would ever guess you like to be controlled and manipulated. Nobody would really ever guess how much time you spend fantasizing about it, reading about it, and masturbating thinking about it. You’re not the kind of guy most people have pegged for a wimpy submissive dude, are you?

Which is exactly why you don’t feel comfortable talking to your wife or girlfriend about all of these thoughts, urges, and NEEDS you have. I strongly suspect she fell in love with the “other” you–the one who prepares presentations, persuades clients, and generally gets shit done.

So if you can’t talk to the woman in your life about all of these obsessions, who can you talk to? Are you doomed to suffer in silence?

Read more at Call for Domination: How to get Dominated if Your Wife or Girlfriend isn’t into It

1 comment to Happy Fireworks Everyone! (and a special “how to get dominated if your wife/gf isn’t into it”)

  • I’m glad you had a “hot” celebration this fourth of July Ms Piper. I took a ride to Phoenix to see the spectacular fireworks down there, the biggest one in the Southwest! I picked up my boy toy Matt in Cave Creek on the way and it was Margaritaville for the rest of that night. Oh yes some fun in between too!

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