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Air Kisses To All Of You!

In about 3 hours on the east coast, we’ll begin a new year. Happy New Year!

(Don’t pout because there’s no dirty talk in this post. Here’s a sexy cuckolding audio to tide you over.)

I literally “close the book” on each year by starting a new weekly/monthly planner to record my calls and minutes. I always take my time choosing a new one, because I’m going to be spending a lot of time with it.

At one point, I figured that I’d spent the equivalent of the month of February, 24 hours a day, on the phone with all of you. That was two years ago, if memory serves. No matter which year, I’ve spent literally thousands of hours listening to and entertaining you.

It’s been a great year, and it has been a challenging year. You’ve both made it possible, and you’ve made it better.

Many of you know that I purchased my own home this past March. It’s hard to believe I’ve owned this home for almost a year! It has been really difficult managing all of the minor yet major emergencies that come with home ownership, but I’ve managed just fine.

Once upon a time, I couldn’t imagine buying a home on my own, but after several years of working here at LDW, I realized that I just might be able to swing it. It doesn’t escape my notice that all of you have made it possible for me to achieve what I once thought was impossible.

This March is not only the year I purchased my home, but March also marks my 7th year here at LDW.

Many of you have been calling me for years. A few of you have been calling me since the beginning. It makes me really happy to have developed close relationships with my callers.

People often say I must have a hard time doing the work I do. “You must talk to a lot of real assholes,” people say. The truth is, I can count on one hand the number of assholes I talk to in a year. The vast majority of my callers and pets are delightful people, and I enjoy spending time with them (you!).

So, this is me taking a time out of the dirty talking to let you know that I’ve enjoyed this year with you. You all mean so much to me, and you make my days logged in a true joy. Let’s have a great 2019!