So here we are, the last days of Masturbation May are upon us. Did you enjoy the holiday dedicated to your favorite pastime?

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I can tell a lot of you have indulged yourself quite a bit. I’ve gotten so many strokers who thought Masturbation May means Orgasm May! Even pets I cannot allow to cum expect me to bend the rules this month! I’m quite frankly a little shocked.

Were you one of those strokers overindulging in cumming? Did you even pause long enough after your squirtfest to clean up your mess your Mistress’ favorite way? My guess is no, and you have wastebaskets full of lotion and cum soaked tissues all over the house.

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You’ll Come To Love Me Because I Own You

As we move out of Masturbation May, let’s start thinking about getting your mind right once again. Let’s make next month Just Please June.

Who is June, and why should you please her? LOL. Of course, the one to please in the month of June is your Mistress Piper. It has been far too long since I’ve heard a stroker deny him or ruin his orgasm. Have we all become afraid of sacrifice?

It can become difficult to willingly go from feast to famine, but the truth of the matter is that pleasing yourself is a hollow endeavor. You have sought to serve because you wanted something bigger than cheap and fleeting pleasure. You want something that feeds you deep inside and actually satisfies you.

You know your Mistress can and will satisfy you, as long as you serve her well and fully. Now that you’ve had your May fun, let’s get back to what you know is correct. Just Please Your Mistress June!