You’re a naughty little bitch, aren’t you? You just can’t help but love to be spanked.

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Knowledgeable FemDom Mistress

And naughty little bitches like you need to be punished. If you’re lucky, I’ll only use my hand. If you make me really mad I think I’ll have to pull out my paddle. But it’s not just any old paddle. I’ve hammered nails into it so there’s just a little bit of an extra bite.

But I bet you like that, you pathetic little creature. 

You make me sick.

To think, spanking used to be something you’re not supposed to like. You’re such a twisted, disgusting piece of shit you can’t even act like a normal human being. How does anyone stand to be around you?

Oh, wait. They can’t.

Everyone hates your guts.

What kind of a man likes being bent over someone’s knee and spanked like a piece of meat? No one like that should be allowed to hold any position of power. But no one around you knows your dark, little secret. If they did, you’d probably be fired or forced to step down because you’re a little freak. If only I could let everyone know what you’re really like.

Seeing your life crumble before your very eyes would truly make me happy. I’ll come into your place of work and bend you over my knee to spank you in front of all your coworkers. They’d all laugh at you because you’re such a fool. They’ll hurl insults at you as your asscheeks turn red and start weeping.

Once I’m finished with you, your coworkers will throw you out of the building, laughing along the way.

I’ll walk past you and spit.