caught stealing panties, caught masturbating, caught sniffing panties

I know how to persuade you to do dirty things!

Soooo many reluctant cum eaters call me all the time. “After I cum, I don’t want to eat it anymore!” No shit, sherlock. Eating cum is disgusting!

(too grossed out by eating cum to read? click here to listen!)

It’s not supposed to be easy; you’re not wanting to eat your cum because it’s some tasty delicacy we all covet and desire. You want to eat your own cum because it’s humiliating to do it. It’s gross and difficult. Coincidentally, that’s why *I* want you to eat your own cum. Isn’t that nice? We have something in common!

But reluctant cum eaters often fail over and over and over again. They hang up the phone right after they cum, disappointing me and disappointing themselves.

You have to break the failing cum eater cycle, and in order to do that, you need a strict and determined Mistress to help you out of it. You also have to follow instructions exactly.

I don’t want to hear any, “But shouldn’t I drink it out of a shot glass?” when I tell you to catch it in your hand. Don’t try to tell me YOU know what needs to happen just because you’ve watched a bunch of cum eating porn. If porn could get you over the hump, you would have humped it by now.

The good news is that, if you’re a good boy and do as you’re told, you will not only eat cum for the first time, but you’ll get good at it!

I have converted many a reluctant cum eater to cum whore in short order. Will you be the next one?