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Hey Sissy, Your Bra Strap Is Showing!

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Don’t you love having a girlfriend who shares her makeup?

One of my favorite ways to humiliate a sissy is to make her wear lingerie in public situations such as work or family functions.

(Too busy adjusting your bra strap to read? Click to listen!)

Now, my intent is not to expose a sissy. I merely want to make her feel nervous and excited about possibly being found out–after all, when you wear tight panties but aren’t used to how they feel, it’s like everyone can see right through your clothes!

You’re not really exposed, but you feel exposed. You’re paranoid about VPLs (visible panty lines) giving you away. You purposefully wore a heavier shirt than you needed to conceal your bra. You shy away from people who might want to hug you or give you a big manly pat on the back.

You did everything you could think of to conceal your sissy lingerie under your clothes, and you shouldn’t feel your heart drop to your knees when you see that lady doing a double-take when she looks over in your direction.

Oh god, why does she have such a puzzled expression on her face? Why is she nudging that person she’s standing next to? And why ARE THEY BOTH LOOKING OVER IN YOUR DIRECTION NOW????

Have you been mingling around acting innocent while your bra strap has been showing this entire time? Is it only a matter of time until the entire crowd is looking over and stifling a laugh? Are you going to be the topic of discussion in the office next week?

Will you finally get found out and exposed as the sweet little sissy crossdresser you are?

Admit it sissy, it excites you to think about becoming exposed. It’s a fun fantasy to play with on the phone with me. What other kinds of fantasies can we come up with? Let’s get together and find out! 😉

4 comments to Hey Sissy, Your Bra Strap Is Showing!

  • Petey cream puff

    I want this to happen to me!!! At my age most women are married with kids and I’m not, this would be hot to have happen for real. My masseuse gave me 5 of her old bras and said it would be good for me to wear them which I have every night with my dd breast forms. She told me not to wear them to work as it would be uncomfortable and I would have to adjust them all the time. She’s looking out for me which is great but I want her to make me wear it all the time with panties. 🙁 I told her I’d rather stay home and dress up as a girl then go out with friends to bar. She’s taken control over my spending so I can do massages 3xweek for 2 hours and monthly waxings, she said no more buying women clothes so I can do this. I want her to keep me in bra/panties all the time with her taking more control of my feminization. What are your thoughts about this?

    • Piper

      I think you’re very lucky to have a woman in your life to hold you accountable and not allow you to waste your money on hanging out at the bar. You should be using all of your resources to complete your feminization!

  • Miss Piper one time I saw a sissy at the gym on a treadmill wearing pink sweatpants with panty lines showing. I gave him a shit eating look and he totally blushed. I wanted to say, well you get what you ask for but spared him the humiliation. The blush was enough! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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