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You love a good tease too, don't you?

Ooh, almost got a look, didn’t you?

This morning I did my usual routine: a 7 am Pilates class and a quick stop by the little breakfast/snack bar at my gym. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this new guy watching me. He had been in the business office when I walked by before my class, and I was surprised when he was still there afterwards. But, there we was, blue eyes boring into me as he dug the meat out of his half grapefruit.

I grabbed a Greek yogurt with some granola sprinkled on top and sat at a table with my back to him, and I could feel him watching me. At first, I was uncomfortable, then then I began to have some naughty ideas.

The other people in the cafe left, having finished their breakfast, and it was just me and the blue-eyed stranger. I scooped the last bite of yogurt into my mouth and gathered up my bag. I didn’t have to lean over nearly as far as I did to grasp the handles of my tote, but I took the opportunity to give my new admirer a good look at my round ass.

I knew my compression shorts left nothing to the imagination, and I was counting on that to give him an accurate picture of what I had going on underneath them. I spread my legs and bent over further, knowing that my puffy pussy would be completely obvious. Feeling really, wicked, I slid my hand down my crotch, up to my ass, and back down to cover my pussy. I patted it gently, and worked my fingertips between my vulva lips, masturbating through my shorts a bit.

Then I stood back up, having gathered my belongings from the floor. I tossed my empty yogurt cup into the garbage on the way out of the cafe, and glanced back at my new friend. His mouth was open a little, and his cock was standing erect in his shorts. When he realized I was staring at him, he blushed and looked back down at his breakfast.

I walked away, that familiar little buzz in my brain, knowing I had successfully shorted his mind out. Feeling really bold, I walked back towards Mr. Big Blue Eyes, and slid my number, that I had scribbled down on a scrap of napkin, towards him. I leaned across his table, and whispered, close to his ear, “Let me know of you need any help with that,” and I stared meaningfully at his crotch. He cleared his throat, shifted uncomfortably further under the table, and nodded at me.

I walked out, feeling his eyes on my ass, and I made sure I walked nice and slowly so he could look all he wanted. I have no idea if he’ll call me or not, but I’m sure I’ll see him there again in a day or two. I’m coming up with ideas now to top my performance. Maybe you should call me for a teasing phone sex call and we can brainstorm some scenarios.

Perhaps a I should wear those really short shorts that slide up between my firm ass cheeks if I bend over too far? This time, maybe I’ll skip the panties, and pull the shorts to the side so he can catch a little glance of my pretty pink pussy lips while I’m bent over.

Ooh, maybe dip a finger in my little honey pot and lick the pussy off of it right in front of him?

So much naughtiness, so little time!

Hmmm, I’m thinking you should email me and schedule your masturbation phone sex call today, and maybe I’ll put on a little show for you.

I’m in such a naughty mood tonight!