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Don’t forget it’s all about service.

Your day will begin early, as a well-dressed, disciplined, sissy housewife will always put on a pretty dress and makeup even before she has her morning coffee.

(If you’re too busy putting on your sissy make up to read, click here to listen!)

You want your husband to walk into a kitchen smelling of delicious breakfast and a cheerful, pretty wife. It gets his day off to a good start. The last thing he should see is a gorgeous doting wife before he heads out of the house.

There are a lot of beautiful women to allow his eyes to wander over, and if you expect him to come home to you, you’d best leave him with a taste of what’s waiting for him this evening! If you don’t want to treat him right, there’s always some Jezebel waiting to steal him away who will!

I know you have dishes to wash and your housework to do, but just know that you must also make time for your daily slenderizing routine! A girl has to sacrifice if she wants to fit into that sexy new bodycon midi dress!

After all, hubby frowned a bit when he had to wrestle you out of your spanx to get at that pussy last week. We can’t make hubby wait to get what he wants, now can we? Tighten up that tookus sweetie, we can’t have your man thinking of jello when you’re walking around!

Of course, after your slenderizing routine and your daily scrubbing of the tubs and floors, you’ll need to start thinking about what to make for dinner. Slip into some smart cigarette pants and a smart sweater twinset and ballet flats to run out to the store. Just throw on some pretty sunglasses if you don’t have time to freshen up your makeup.

After dinner, make sure you’re looking extra pretty. Think of how pleased hubby will be when he opens that door and finds you looking effortlessly perfect and offering him a refreshing cocktail while you curl up next to him on the sofa.

All of that effort will be well worth it!