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Femdom Mistress, Findom Mistress

I know how to get what I want from you!

So you’re into humiliation? Join the other 99% of my callers who are! What I want to know is what kind of humiliation are you into?

(Too humiliated to read? Click here to listen!)

There are so many to choose from, but any humiliation has its roots in your insecurities and your shortcomings. That’s what I really love about humiliation–it’s not something you can hide behind if you want to have a great experience with your Mistress. You have to give me all the gory details!

What was it that your first girlfriend said to  you that still gives you the horrors to this day? Remember that time you couldn’t get it up, and no matter what you said, you couldn’t convince that girl that you really are a sexxxy virile dude?

Who cheated on you, dooming you to a life of playing with your little peter fantasizing about your wife spreading it for some other guy? Please….do tell (and don’t leave out any of the gory details!)

So when you call me, humiliation slut, you should be prepared to do more than tell me, “I’m into humiliation.” That’s just the beginning of the story. I will demand to hear the rest of the story, and unless you expect to have a shitty call, you will tell me the rest of it.

You might as well get your thoughts together before you start dialing. I won’t let you get away with being coy, and you really will have a much better time if you do bare your soul.

After all, it’s the revealing and telling of the story that’s the most humiliating of all! Comment below with some of your most humiliating stories–sharing does the heart good! 😉