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I Call Them Submission Beads–You Just Know I Shoved Something In Your Ass

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Your Ass Isn’t All You’d Like To Play With!

Have you ever played with anal beads? They’re kind of like the blingy little cousin to the big butchy butt plug.

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If a butt plug seems like too much, then anal beads might be the toy for you. You still get the fantastic feeling of submission that comes from being invaded and penetrated, but the graduations mean that you can customize how much plugging you take.

You of course start small, and then as you get used to being penetrated, you graduate up. Once you’re really comfortable, you can get fancy and pop them in and out. The popping sensation can be very exciting, and can help you feel even more submissive than when just using a simple plug.

If you’ve ever had an ass play phone call with me, then you know that one of my favorite moves is to instruct you to pop your butt plug in and out of your ass. Anal beads build on that particular aspect of ass play.

It’s an entirely different sensation than a dildo. A dildo fills and stretches–definitely not a bad thing at all! An an ass plug gives you the popping feeling, but anal beads give more than just one pop at a time. I guess you could call it rapid fire!

Anal beads are the perfect tool for submission, in my opinion, because they are so sensual. I always say that one of the things I enjoy about exploring ass play with you is the fact that it is so enjoyable. Once we get past the initial feeling of pushing you towards trying it, you eventually begin really enjoying it. Then you really get hooked!

Getting you hooked on playing with your ass is one of the things I really enjoy about being your Mistress. It’s not all about punishment and discipline!

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