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A woman worth sacrificing for

If you’re honest, you’d agree that cumming only makes it more difficult for you to be a good boy.

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When I want you to do something difficult, I make sure I’ve denied you. If I allow you to cum, you’ll most certainly lose your nerve and will find any number of excuses not to obey.

It doesn’t matter how eager you are to please me. It doesn’t even matter how horny you get thinking about your assignment. The second you blow your little load, it’s all over until your little nuts fill up again.

Considering all of this, I really don’t see any reason to let you cum at all. Why would I?

I’d be interested in hearing you put on your best case for allowing you to cum. Could you even justify it, or would you agree that it’s completely selfish on your part to beg and plead for it?

I’m wondering if it’s time to do an in depth mindfuck to program the cum urge right out of you. Oh, we’ll still allow you to play with your little peter, but when you feel that cum climbing up your cock, you’ll find it’s impossible to make your little squirt.

How would you feel if I took away your ability to cum? What if I could make cumming so distasteful, simply because of the selfishness of it all?

It’s really time for you to take a close look at whether or not you’re serious about pleasing your Mistress. Is the rush of cumming worth the time you spend resisting your Mistress’ direction?

Only you can decide how much you want to please your Mistress, and whether she’s more important than you are.

Comment below and make your best case for cumming. Do you think you can persuade me?