You know you desperately need me

Right between your ears. That’s right. You crave an intense, overwhelming mindfuck.

You’re not like other men, are you?

Other men are successful and driven. So are you. Other men are proud of their accomplishments. So are you. Other men love to strut around like the top cock in the coop. They thrive on the admiration of women. They love to swing their dick around and be the big dawg.

You pretend to be like other men. You enjoy the looks, the appreciation, the whispers. But those only go so far. Your success, your money, your status only make you crave a good mindfuck more and more and more.

No, you have a yawning, aching cavern that you’ve tried to fill so many times, with so many other women, only to be left wanting.

The wanting is becoming severely painful. Will anyone ever truly understand you? Will any woman ever see you for who you really are?

Is there a woman out there who can appreciate your success, your money, your status–and stomp on your balls hard enough to make you weep all at the same time?

I think you know there are not nearly enough women who know how to appreciate you and crush you. To denigrate you and respect you. To treat you like a possession, but not trash.

You're in captivity hell and Piper's ignoring you

When you can’t wait any longer

You’re not trash, are you? But sometimes you need to be taken for granted. You need to be forgotten. You need to be treated like your petty desires just don’t matter.

See, I love successful men, but I’m very, very rarely blinded by them. I know that, regardless of who they are “out there,” deep down they’re controlled by their cock just like every other man on the face of the earth. In fact, because of their wealth and security, their cock rules them even more.

Your cock mocks your success. Your insidious, relentless desire to be dominated leaves you empty and lonely. You have it all, but at the same time you have nothing.

And you do have nothing–unless you have me.

If you had me, you’d know what it’s like to never have to pretend. If you had me, you’d know how it feels to be listened to, to be understood. If you had me, you could relax.

You’d feel the exhilarating and luxurious release that comes from a woman not only emptying your balls, but emptying your soul as well. To feel her fist slowly and relentlessly crush you and grind you to powder. No hesitation, no letting up, no problems at all destroying your puffed up male ego.

So let me ask you: do you have me? Do you want me?

I don’t come easy, and I don’t come cheap. If you want me, you’d better be ready to pay with your money and with your time. And you sure as fuck better bring the best of you. Don’t you dare fucking lay back and expect me to do all the work.

I’ll ask you again: do you want me?

You and I both know the answer is yes. Contact me today and make arrangements for me to take possession of you. It’s the only way you’ll ever be satisfied.