you know you want to serve a cock tease like me

It’s tough serving me, but it’s worth it!

In the past couple of weeks, an interesting theme has emerged on my calls with many of you. You almost hate yourself for giving in to me, but you can’t resist my mindfuck.

(If you’re too mindfucked to read, click here to listen!)

My little whispering Asian cuckold said as much–he hates himself for allowing me to dominate him, but when he isn’t on the phone with me, he thinks about me all the time. What a terrible predicament to find yourself in! Too bad I have no sympathy for you, and too bad knowing how you feel only makes me want to dominate you more severely!

And that’s the other thing. I’m sure you know that giving me such precious information can be very dangerous, and yet you always act against your own self-interests and confess anyway. It is, of course, all because I own and command that little divining rod between your legs.

Whenever I’m near, your little divining rod quivers and sticks up, and it will bend and turn whichever direction I lead. You will always do as I wish because you can’t help but follow your rod.

This afternoon, one of my future cocksuckers asked me if I’d ever turned a straight man into a cocksucker. The answer of course is yes, many times over. Have I ever made a cross dresser want to go deeper and deeper into his fetish, until all he wants to do is wear pretty panties, pantyhose and camisoles under his “man” clothes? Of course I have.

I know you may feel very conflicted about the amount of power you’ve given me, but that is not my concern. What you’ve given me is mine, and it always will be mine.

I’m always going to own you. Just accept it!

One thing you must understand about being my slave is that it is extremely difficult yet overwhelmingly rewarding. If you’ve never experienced a call with me, stop putting it off. Call or email me today and let’s make something special together! 800-356-6169 or Must be 18+ to play with me!