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Orgasm denial phone sex Last night I spent a few hours torturing my clients through extended edging sessions that lasted an hour or more. Even my more experienced edgers where whimpering and begging by the halfway mark.

Shhh….it’s okay, little stroker. Only a half hour of edging to go!

What I want to know is all of your spots that make you weak. I call them your ‘Kryptonite.’ Is it that sweet spot under the head of your cock? Maybe the very very tip? Maybe a twist of the nipples or a finger wiggling in your ass.

Perhaps, like one edging slut last night, a rhythmic squeeze on the head and a little butterfly kiss on the nips at the same time?

Maybe I need to introduce you to your ‘Kryptonite.’

I had the pleasure of breaking a new stroker slut in last night. He was a first time sexy texter, and he placed himself in my hands. He confessed naughty thoughts about playing with his asshole, but he had never touched it. He had never tasted his own precum.

But he was obedient, and by the time I was finished with him, he was lapping up that sweet drip from the tip of his cock and desperately finger fucking his man pussy. Oh, he was feeling conflicted about how delicious it felt to tease his forbidden hole, but that didn’t stop him.

It’s your mistress’ job to make you defile yourself, don’t you think?

Nothing is hotter than breaking down your limits. I had a sexy hottie I play with all the time on cam last night, deep throating a zucchini. Oh, he sucked that “cock” like a champ. Then I made him turn around, stick his ass in the air, and put that naughty hole on display for me.

Oh, and you know what happened to that zucchini, don’t you? My little pet slipped it right up his slutty hole and rode that veggie like a champ! My only regret was that it wasn’t my strap-on invading his little rosebud.

I know how to make your body hum with desire.

A pinch of your your nipples, fingernails on the inside of your thighs, a firm tug on your ball sac, slow lazy strokes the length of your cock….

And when the humming reaches a crescendo? When the noise is loud and demanding, pounding in your head and your dick? Then you shall beg.

Oh, those balls are so achy, aren’t they? You want to feel that pressure explode up through your cock in thick ropes of creamy sperm, yes?

No, you don’t want to take your hand off your cock. You want to keep stroking.

Please, mistress, please!

Please what? Please let me cum. Please let me stroke. Please no more teasing. Ahhh….my little quarry is right where I want him. His desperation speaks to me. I’m holding his orgasm in my hands, and it is mine to grant or deny.

What do you think I’ll do?