Wanna be my cuckold?

A little tease to hold you over. 😉

It’s amazing to me how many clients call me with this quandary. She leaves for a “night out with the girls,” looking amazing and smelling intoxicating. Funny, she never looks and smells like that when she goes out with you.

She comes home late, smelling a lot less fresh, but intoxicating nonetheless, and looking more than a little rumpled.

You know in your heart what she has been doing, and we’re not talking drinks with her besties. She has finally decided to get some real satisfaction. You’ve been rejected, and now you know you were correct: the orgasms she has with you are, indeed, faked.

Your heart sinks, you’re overcome with sadness, and your cock is incredibly erect.

You know what this means, don’t you? You’re at her mercy. Whatever she wants, you will give her.

  • Credit card for new lingerie to wear for her hot new lover? Hand it over.
  • Advice on whether she should wear that new dress with our without panties? Of course.
  • A willing ear (and tongue) when she gets home from her date, all messy, sloppy, and, amazingly, still horny? Get to licking boy.

Over time, you’ll forget what it was like to fuck her with your underwhelming dick. The first time you watch her fuck her hot young bull you’ll understand what she has been missing all these years.

And you won’t even try to insult her by poking at her with that under-inflated appendage swinging between your legs.

You’ll learn to love the taste of cum, especially when it’s flavored with your beloved’s slutty pussy. Between her legs, face down, will become your second home.

You are now a cuckold, and you need to learn your place.

Your place is on your knees in front of her bulls. Oh, you’ll learn to enjoy sucking that big swollen cock and will relish your role as fluffer. Your place is licking her pretty pussy after she has a few orgasms pounded out of her. Your place is clean-up boy after that bull fucks her ass–cleaning up both him and her.

Ummm…..cream pies!

It may take you some time, but you’ll learn to appreciate your new role. And you can always call your favorite cuckold phone sex mistress when you have an itch you want to scratch.

You can tell me all about it, and my soft voice and sweet laugh will wrap around you while you feverishly rub your little cock and make your little mess.

I totally understand men like you. I know that you want to be humiliated and comforted, and you want a safe place to explore these new feelings. It’s a new, exciting, and scary thing that you’ve stumbled upon, isn’t it? I know you need a guide to help you navigate this new terrain. Let me show you the way. 🙂