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To Know Me Is To Adore Me

Most women think that pleasing their man means she needs to give him what he wants, bending over backwards if necessary.

I happen to know the opposite is true, especially when it comes to pleasing you. If I fawn over you and make you feel “special,” not only will it seem just wrong, it’s not what either of us want (especially you).

If I want you to love me and be completely devoted, then I have to be very tough on you. Demanding. Uncompromising.

The more I expect, the more you rise to the challenge. The tougher I am, the more you adore me because I actually know what makes you tick.

Don’t worry, I won’t ever let up on you. I’ll always expect your best–and more. When a woman like me takes her time to think about you and consider your welfare, you feel how much you owe her. You’re motivated to give everything up to serve her.

It’s a privilege to be called mine. What will you do today to show me how much you appreciate my affection?