It’s the end of a long, long winter, and now is the time to think about how to “spring” into action for your Mistress!

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It’s all too easy to get lazy as the winter progresses and stay safe and warm under your blankie, but take that thumb out of your mouth and put something more interesting in it!

I know you’ve been thinking about the “thing” that has you captivated these days. Yes, it’s so much fun to read about it on the internet and get your little winky excited. You do a little tug tug tug, cum, and then you pretend you didn’t do what you just did. Let’s get that fantasy out of your head and make it a reality.

Reveal the “thing” that has caught your interest to me. What have you been looking at on the internet that has you near obsessed?

I know it’s really embarrassing to actually tell someone about your fantasies. They always sound so perverted when you actually put words to your thoughts, but this is your Mistress talking to you. You’re not allowed to keep secrets from me!

You will feel a sense of relief once you confess it all. It may seem counter intuitive, but sharing all of those forbidden fantasies will make you feel better. Thing is, I more than likely understand why or how you’ve come to have such shocking thoughts. I’ve been doing this a LONG time–7 years in fact. Over those 7 years, I’ve spent many thousands of hours talking about “unspeakable” fantasies.

So as the winter comes to a close, let’s get you all set for a hot, hot summer. Give me a call and let’s get down and dirty!