extreme orgasm denial

I need MORE ass slaves!

(click here and I’ll read this post to you in my sexy voice!)

I was talking to my sexy boyfriend today and he and I were joking around with those cliches everyone says when they’re trying to get people to do sexual things, like:

“Please? Pretty please? C’mon babe, just once?” “I’ll just put the tip in a little.” “I promise I won’t cum in your mouth this time.” And….

“It doesn’t mean you’re gay if you like it in the butt.”

Well, that changed the subject because my boyfriend loves it in the butt. All of a sudden he’s talking about the next time he can bend over for me. He never had that insecurity that many of you have. It feels good to him, and it’s just him and me, so it must be okay. Anything goes when it’s just the two of us; neither of us have any limits to speak of with one another.

There’s no reason not to admit you like it in the butt. It’s only sensation, and a sensation that can feel really really good.

I’ll never forget the day my boyfriend sheepishly confessed that he had used Sharpies as butt play toys. I don’t think it was easy for him to put himself out there, even though he knew I’m hella kinky. He’d been shot down by other women before, and so he didn’t want to chance me thinking he’s a kinky little perv.

Incidentally, I did think he was a kinky little perv, but I happen to like kinky pervs!

His initial confession was years ago, and he’s moved on to buying his own bona fide butt toys (although someone got him a big fat marker as a gag gift this past Christmas–if they only knew what my man thinks when he sees a marker with a nice diameter, lol!). He’s learned what feels good, what feels better, and what makes him shoot himself in the eye with cum. Though, to be fair, that last one requires butt play and a little mutual masturbation with me on Skype (sorry boys, but I only get on cam for my man).

My suggestion is that you do the same. Suspend your self-judgement and find out what feels good.

It’s your body, and you should enjoy it. Even if you’re getting it in the butt!