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I adore my ass slaves

It has probably been far too long since I relentlessly pounded that back door of yours.

(Click here to listen to this post in my sexy voice!)

Time was, I got to fuck a bitch up the ass nearly every single day, but my butt slaves have definitely fallen off. This does not please me. There’s not much I love more than a nice round ass atop a pair of spread legs, especially because you’re a good boy and spread your butt cheeks on demand.

Your cute little rosebud hole winks at me, looking all seductive and trying to get my dick hard. I’m happy to oblige.

I love to shove your face down on the bed and warn you that you’ll be needing that pillow to muffle your screams.

You’re so cute and scared. I swear your knees are knocking. I suppose it could be a bit intimidating to have a woman standing behind you with a dick of untold size, and she’s promised to break you in and teach you to be a good little submissive boy for Mistress.

Don’t worry. I have plenty of grease for your little hole, and you get to feel me work it into your little butt cunt with a gloved hand. You’re a little wiggly slut.

I don’t think it really matters how big my dick is right now, because you just want me to take you. Beg me to drive it balls deep into your little pussy. Let me hear you squeal.

Mistress finally gets what she wants, and you get that warm feeling of making her happy. What does it really matter if you have to walk a little funny the next day? It’s all worth it, if you ask me.