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Lest you think I’m too “soft”

Smooth and strong....ummm.....

This one is for my boy across the pond....

Yesterday, I posted a sweet little reply to an email I received a couple of days ago. Of course, some smart mouthed subbie had to immediately ask if I really had what it takes to be a humiliatrix. Of course, he has never called me before, and he didn’t respond to my challenge that he give me a try. I suspect he’s more pussy than he cares to admit.

Sweet As Honey

Thing is, I love to lure boys in with my sweet voice and kind disposition. Currently, I have a subbie across the pond in London nursing an obsession with my ass. He underestimated me too. Here’s what he has to say, over on my Phone Sex Reviews page:

i had a few calls with Piper. at first i did not know if she would ‘get’ my mindfuck fantasy but all of a sudden it was clear she did. and she just gets more and more devious – entering my head steadily and making me crave her mind and body more than i thought possible

A Nasty Sting

Thing is, he discovered that I did, indeed, “get” his fantasy, but by then it was too late. My trap was sprung and he was caught in my web; the more he struggled to extricate himself, the more tangled he became.

Ted Bundy, notorious serial killer, used a similar ruse to gain his victim’s trust. He’d pretend to be injured and ask young women for help. None of these women suspected a handsome man whose arm was in a cast would be a threat, but they were sadly mistaken.

It’s the same with an accomplished femdom phone mistress.

We are beautiful, intelligent, and talented. Our voices are velvety and sensual. You follow us down the dark and winding staircase, our sweet laughter comforting you and overriding the objections raised by your intuition. Before you know it, you are naked and panting with desire, cock in hand, believing that paradise is only a stroke away.

Paralyzing Venom

Then the darkness closes in on you, the handcuffs click, and your fate is sealed. You trusted the wrong woman. Her beauty doomed you. Her wit outsmarted you. She may only deny you, she may force you to submit to femdom interrogation, she may fit your cock in a little cage and throw away the key.

The Cold Hard Truth

No matter; the end result is always the same. You confess every perverted secret you harbor in your feeble brain, and your mistress uses them against you. Your dignity, your self-respect? Things of the past. Far distant memories. Your mistress has lain claim to you; you have no choice to submit to her sadistic whims.

You are truly to be pitied.

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