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Let Me Control Your Orgasms And Masturbation Remotely!

caught stealing panties, caught masturbating, caught sniffing panties

I know how to persuade you to do dirty things!

Okay, so all of that technology push has finally paid off! I can now remotely control your masturbation!

(If you’re ready to go hands free, click here to listen!)

I’m talking about remote-control long-distance sex toys! That’s RIGHT! I can finally REALLY control your stroking, and I can actually buzz your prostate and make it drip. You can be 100% at my mercy!

I’ve used the technology several times now, and I think it’s finally gotten to the point where it’s more fun than frustrating–at least, when it comes to being buggy and unstable. Up until recently, I’ve wanted to ask my clients to consider it, but it still had mixed reviews. I think it’s ready for prime time now, though!

What I’m talking about are vibrators, masturbation sleeves, etc, that are controlled remotely via an app. You give me permission to control your toy, and off we go!

What this means is that you can lay back and allow me to really control your masturbation and your orgasm.

If we’re honest, I’m sure most of you would admit to getting a little extra stroke here and there when you’re told to stop. Many of you might even have to admit to cumming without permission. Once I have control of your sex toy, then I have complete and total control of you! No more cheating!

Can you imagine how amazing it would be to have a sleeve on your cock controlled by your Mistress? Your cock would be swollen and achy, and totally at my mercy!

I’d love to give you more details on how you can grab one of these high-tech exciting toys. Just give me a call or shoot me an email. I can’t wait to play with you!

5 comments to Let Me Control Your Orgasms And Masturbation Remotely!

  • princess

    Yes!….Long range control sounds like such an amazing thing…owned wherever you are! controlled whether in her presence or not………great post!

  • Ms Piper, I have never heard of this technology but love it. Please let me know how it goes. I love seeing BDSM moving forward technologically.

  • New2this

    Wow…what is the name of this toy??

  • D

    I like this and it reminds me of the Milo Manara erotic comic book series CLICK he did in the 1980’s. Yours is of course current using an app and you, a woman, is in charge of the control. I love it. It’s the perfect device for a Mistress! The difference is controlling toys (yours) vs controlling someones mind (CLICK). I would nervously enjoy you having control of me remotely because you are such a mind-fuck control mistress and I know you would really get your kicks with all the mind-fuck humiliating ways you would make me play in and eat my own cum at the most inopportune times simply to suit your little mean streak. I know you enjoy amusing yourself with all your various sluts, mere toys for you!
    Can you imagine you having control over, not just masturbation, but behavior as in the CLICK series?!!! Any time , any where?! I shudder at that thought… and yet my cock is hard thinking about it!!!! Does that mean you already have mind-fuck control over me?!

  • Kurt

    I would love to give this control

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