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Air Kisses To All Of My CFNM Sluts!

I have a horny naked stroker CFNM slut who found out the hard way that the lifestyle I’ve chosen for him can be really tough.

(Too naked to read? Click here to listen.)

See, I don’t see any reason for him to ever see a woman naked. He has spent way too much time horny, naked, and begging me to make him my own personal slut. He finally got what he wanted; I forbade him to ever see a woman naked. I told him he wasn’t a “normal” guy because of his desperate needy CFNM fetish.

He belonged to me, and I decided he’d always be naked in front of women and he’d NEVER see a woman naked.

He had to pay a very humiliating price the one time the lady at the massage parlor took off her clothes for him and he didn’t stop her.

He had to go back in and apologize for having the audacity to see a superior woman naked, and explain to her he’s never allowed to see a woman naked. He’s the one who must be naked all the time! Needless to say, this massage parlor lady had a lot of fun tormenting him after he made his confession.

But horny naked stroker sluts just never learn. He called me today and told me he’d tried to have a date with a normal woman. Apparently, she liked him enough to go back to his place and end up making out on his bed.

This of course put stroker slut in a terrible position. He was forbidden to see a woman naked, and here was a woman who wanted to get naked with him!

She apparently got his clothes off and was giving him a hand job when she suddenly said she had to use the bathroom. After about 15 minutes, she came out and told him she didn’t realize how late it had gotten, and she had to go!

Poor horny naked stroker slut then humiliated himself even more by walking his date to the door, naked with his hard-on bobbing around! I don’t think she regretted her decision to leave when she saw that!

I was proud of my CFNM slut, though. He didn’t even try to pretend he’s a normal man. He went to bed alone and jerked off!

One thing you must understand about being my slave is that it is extremely difficult yet overwhelmingly rewarding. If you’ve never experienced a call with me, stop putting it off. Call or email me today and let’s make something special together! 800-356-6169 or Must be 18+ to play with me!