Make me smile!Over that past couple of days, two of my wonderful callers have made me so happy to hear their news. I get very involved with my clients, because, like all of the LDW Mistresses, they are far more than just minutes and dollar signs to me. I just have to share some of the good news I’ve gotten lately.

Be Careful What You Wish For!

“T” was one of my first callers. He called me convinced his wife was cheating on him because he had seen something on her Facebook account. He was going through some physical challenges that were affecting his libido, but his wife was still very attracted to him and she wanted him all the time. He spent a lot of time sidestepping her because he just wasn’t in the mood. He found that he was overwhelmingly turned on by the thoughts of her cuckolding him.

The point of all of our conversations was how we could get her to cuckold him. We came up with some pretty good schemes, and had some pretty good cuckold phone sex!

One night, however, he told me that his hot wife just didn’t want to cuckold him. She was afraid it would ruin their marriage. She was insulted that he wanted to watch her with another man. She wanted him, not someone else.

Well….one thing was clear to me: “T” was a very lucky man. His beautiful, sexy hotwife loved him and was committed to him. I had to tell him what I thought, and so I told him to be careful what he wished for, because he had a wonderful marriage. He had what so many men would give just about anything to experience, and I hoped he wouldn’t take it for granted. I just wasn’t really sure cuckolding was right for their relationship.

“T” called me last night, and he sounded so good. He had a really great talk with his wife and laid his cards on the table. Turns out, his wife was struggling because she felt separated from him while he wasn’t feeling well, but she never cheated on him. She didn’t think that cuckolding was right for their marriage, although it was a hot fantasy to play with while they were in bed. “T” visited a doctor and dealt with his physical issues, and now his poor wife cannot keep up with him, LOL. I guess she should be careful what she wishes for!

Seriously, though, I wish “T” and his wife all the best. You’re both a beautiful couple, and I’m so glad you worked things out. I *almost* don’t mind that you won’t be calling me as often! 😉

Thank You!

Thanks to all of my wonderful clients who call me and trust me with their thoughts, feelings, fantasies, and secret desires. I hope you understand that you aren’t just a “job” to me; you matter, and I genuinely care about you. Sometimes we just have some fun, but sometimes we have some serious discussions that are very important. I’m honored to be your friend. 🙂