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I love the excruciating pleasure and pain of tease and denial

Femdom Phone Sex

You’ll Come To Love Me Because I Own You

My favorite thing about tease and denial is how much you whimper and beg while I’m describing all of the sexy things I know you want me to do to you.

But that’s not going to happen, is it? Not on your life!

I have a horny naked stroker slut I have forbidden to ever see a woman naked. That may seem harsh, but it’s his own damn fault. If he didn’t beg me to watch him stroke his cock all the time and tell him how he’ll never see me naked, then I wouldn’t have gotten so excited about controlling him.

Tease and denial is like a drug to me sometimes, and the more you whimper and squeak, the more I want to take another “hit” of your agony.

Admit it: you love it when your Mistress is using you for her excitement and pleasure, so don’t even try to make me believe you’d trade a few seconds of pleasure for the many minutes and hours of fun we have together. Anyone can make you squeal and squirt, but it takes a real woman to know how to use you as the little bitch you are.

Trust me. I know how to make you squeal, and I certainly know how to use you like the little bitch you are!

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