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Hugs and kisses from your mistress :)

Serving me is its own reward

It’s entirely possible to have a fulfilling relationship with your domination phone sex mistress if you’re married or living with a partner.

Generally, married men are more in need of sexual diversion. Often they have underestimated the power of their kink before they married and now find themselves in a marriage hostile to their desires. Sometimes they may need guidance on how to broach the subject of dominance/submission play with a woman.

A good mistress can fulfill nearly any desire you have as a married man. Read on to find out how to have a mistress and keep it a secret.

A good mistress can improve your marriage, not harm it.

Oh, how is that? Well, you have to find the right phone sex mistress, first of all. She needs to have a lot of experience working with married men, and she needs to have a high standard of ethics.

Not that we have these types of mistresses here at LDW, but you’ve probably been out “in the wild” shopping for phone sex and have run across many women who don’t give a damn about your personal life. They just want your money. That is not true of LDW’s mission, and it is not true of me either.

My code of ethics dictates that I leave everyone and every situation better than I found it.

What that means is, I’m not going to do anything to compromise your personal relationships. You can absolutely carry on a relationship with your mistress in a way that is invisible to your wife. It takes a lot of discipline on your part, but it is 100% possible–and I will counsel you how to do it.

Aside from the obvious instructions: don’t pay with family credit cards and don’t leave your ass plug laying around, there are other considerations in keeping your D/s play secret.

How can you obey mistress without tipping off your wife?

Do you throw out Mistress’ orgasm denial mandate if your wife gets a little randy one night? Do you get a pass on wearing your butt plug to work if family life holds you up and keeps you from doing your orgasm edging and ass plugging ritual first thing in the morning?

Of course not. You are responsible for figuring out how YOU will solve the day-to-day obstacles of serving Mistress while still keeping your family (especially your wife) happy.

Your wife is your primary dominant, whether she realizes it or not.

Oh you didn’t think I was going to say that, did you? You thought that I was going to give you an excuse to shirk your husbandly duties? Nope.

I understand it’s more difficult to submit to a mistress that lacks skill, and submitting to your wife isn’t always the most titillating prospect–which is exactly why it is a requirement to serve me. Submission to a powerful mistress is all about making a sacrifice.

Hopefully after submitting to your mistress, not only will your dick have gotten a little thrill, but you’ll also be a better man.

Listen, if you’re going to be a submissive, then you need to be submissive. Let’s cut out all the bullshit and stop trying to justify half-hearted submission. You either do as you’re told, or you go back to sporadic little calls with varied mistresses that serve only to get you off.

I think there’s more to life than a short thrill, and I think you want more. I think you want to feel the peace and fulfillment that comes when a mistress penetrates you mind, body, and spirit.

If you do indeed want that kind of fulfillment, give me a call.