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Too bad I won’t be spreading my legs for you, beta cuckold!

So, my little cuckold really liked his blog post about his beta penis and his personality to match (and so did his little beta pee pee!)

He called me not too long ago and said:

1) he was disappointed I didn’t put an audio with the post (but he clearly doesn’t read the rest of my blog, because I did make one and posted it in another surprise location (you can catch that audio here, beta cuckold!) and

2) he masturbated to my post!

(And, before you get your little winky in a wad, if you want to listen to this post, beta cuckold, click here!)

I wouldn’t expect any less from a beta penis cuckold, not at all! Masturbating over small penis PUBLIC humiliation is what little dick beta boys do!

He eagerly whispered in my ear during our latest call that he wanted me to give him small penis humiliation. And yes, of course he wanted me to let him “listen” while I sucked my boyfriend’s cock. I’d do a little sucky suck sound and he’d kind of grunt and say, “WOW.” And then he’d immediately ask me to do it again! LOL.

Sometimes my beta boy asks me to suck his psyche dry–because he knows his psyche is the only thing I’m going to be sucking!

Poor little beta boy, after his first experience trying to lose his virginity, he just gave up. Now, for all intents and purposes, he’s a beta cuckold virgin!

How pathetic is that? Can’t even seal the deal on one woman, and too afraid to try with anyone else! I guess that’s why beta boy cuckolds should just stick to phone sex and listening to me simulate “coitus!”