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mindfuck mistress phone sex

Can You Handle The Heat?

Yep! Your Mindfuck Mistress will be the featured Mistress this week!

(click here to listen to the free erotic audio version of this post!)

If you’re not familiar with our featured Mistress promotion, it’s a fantastic time to give me a try if you never have before. Why? Because you can win a 10 minute free phone sex call!

How can you win a free 10 minute phone sex call? It’s easy!

During my featured week, everyone who does a call with me, and gives his honest feedback via our Rate My Call form, will be entered to win 10 free phone sex minutes to be used with your mindfuck Mistress at a future time. After my featured week is over, the LDW Fairy Mistress will draw a name from all those entered and will notify the winner directly.

Do you want to be my newest cock sucker? Maybe you finally want to learn how to eat your own cum.

You know nobody gets inside your head better than your mindfuck Mistress Piper. You may let me deny your orgasm, but don’t deny yourself the pleasure of feeling me penetrate your mind and break down your inhibitions.

Don’t keep your desires relegated to the fantasy realm. We can make them all come true, in your time, as you’re ready. Or, we can keep them safely locked away in fantasy–but make them the hottest fucking fantasies you’ve ever experienced.

Your mindfuck Mistress is generally available 9 am until 5 pm edt Monday through Friday. Sometimes I log in at night or on the weekends, but if you want to make sure to catch me after my daytime hours on on the weekends, I’d suggest you make an appointment with me.

Intrigued and like to know more? Here’s how you can get to know me better: