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“My wife gets angry when I ask her to cuckold me!”

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Get advice from a woman who KNOWS

This is something I hear at least once a week. The person who says it is always very surprised and confused at why his wife doesn’t think it’s a FABULOUS idea to fuck around on him.

Hey, I get it that your penis is small, or you’re a premature ejaculator, or you just can’t please your wife. I’m sure your wife is pretty frustrated by your lack of performance, and I’m sure your wife wouldn’t mind getting her pussy properly fucked AT ALL. The problem is the bumbling way you’re approaching this whole thing.

Men who want their wives to cuckold them are turned on by it for a couple of different reasons. Either he just wants to please his wife and he’s genuinely concerned that she’s not getting what she deserves, or he just wants his wife to be his personal porn star so he can jerk off while she performs.

Let me make one thing clear: your wife doesn’t owe you a performance, and she deserves a lot more respect than you whoring her out while you jack off.

Your inadequate dick is the problem, and you need to accept that fact. If you had a dick that got her off, then we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place. The only reason you should ever hope your wife would cuckold you is because you want to improve her sex life.

And since the only reason she’d cuckold you is to improve her sex life, then you have no business talking about cuckolding with your wife unless you get some good advice from your Mistress. Personally, I agree that she deserves better cock than yours, but you don’t need to be telling her that.

Face the fact that you don’t know one thing about pleasing your wife, and so if you do want to convince her to cuckold you, you need to get help. Don’t try to go it alone, because you’ll fuck that up too!

4 comments to “My wife gets angry when I ask her to cuckold me!”

  • princess

    We cuckolds and cuck wannabe’s need all the guidance, direction and quite frankly, control…. a Mistress like you can provide. I feel like the first and most important steps are accepting that we are inadequate, incapable and unworthy of pleasing a pussy. Then, even more importantly, realizing that being a cuck isn’t about our pleasure or needs…. it’s all about HER needs, wants and desires….. After understanding those fundamentals, its simply surrendering, obeying and submitting fully to Mistress… lead us Ms Piper 🙂

  • Ms Piper, great advice for the beta man who is seeking to become a cuck. Every woman deserves to have a good cock in her life and if the hubby comes up short…well…there are options available to her.

  • tiny tim

    Great read. The male needs to understand that he is the submissive and not be selfish.

  • My wife has been frustrated for a long time!

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