sploshing food play with Mistress Piper

Get sticky and messy with me!

If you’ve ever wondered why I and other Mistresses make you eat your own cum, the answer is simple: nobody else wants it, so you need to take care of it yourself.

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Leaving it in a tissue and putting the tissue in the trash is just gross. I know you’re jerking off all the time, and nobody wants to see a wastebasket full of your jerk off rags.

Oh–and don’t think that jerking off in the shower gives you a pass either. I used to find my ex-husband’s jizz on the shower walls all the time. That is even MORE disgusting, which is one of the reasons my ex is now my ex!

The only acceptable jerking off is jerking off that ends with your sperm in your belly. If you squirt it, you must slurp it!

I suppose if you want to jerk off into the toilet and flush your cum, then that would be appropriate. That might drive the message home that your jizz is useless and fit for flushing down the crapper.

But knowing your lazy ass, you’d drip all over the toilet seat and leave it behind for someone else to clean up. I still say your mouth is the best place for it. If I found a wad of your cum on the toilet seat, I’d have to deny your orgasms for two weeks. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

So from now on, make sure that every last bit of that disgusting ooze that comes out of your wee goes where it belongs: down your throat!