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Can You Handle The Heat?

I’ve been at it again! Check out these hot posts I’ve written for around the Empire, both of which have FREE audios, like this free audio from Humiliation Bootcamp.

Become Ms. Piper’s Humiliation Slave

Humiliation slavery is slavery that requires no actual chains, because your cock is your jailer.

You must submit to any woman who knows how to make your cock sit up and beg–and you know from experience that your cock obeys me every single time.

I humor you when you say you don’t want to do certain things–you know, like take mystrapon cock in your ass.

It only took me about an hour of teasing your tight little rosebud with my fingernails before you were begging me to finally penetrate your little virgin hole.

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You have a dire leg fetish, don’t you? You can barely stand it when I wear my stockings and oh so slowly uncross and cross my legs. A nylon tease makes you positively whimper!

Do you like that little lacy part at the top of my stockings? You know, the part that lets you know that above this line is creamy soft moist flesh? Your pupils are dilating, so I’ll take that as a yes!

I have such a treat for you. I’m going to let you feel silky nylon on that bulging and straining cock. It’s going to be such a sensual experience!

Put on my pantyhose. You heard me. Put. On. My. Pantyhose. You want to have that sensual nylon experience, don’t you?

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