I received the following email from one of my favorite little playthings, Tink. Tink has been calling me for a long time, and the only complaint I have about Tink is that he can’t last very long while listening to one of my stories.

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Just between you and me, the stories I tell Tink are some of the most exciting (and depraved) that I ever tell. They test the limits of my dirty mind, and I’m often surprised how sadistic I can be when I’m pushing Tink to face his humiliating fantasies.

Here’s an example of where a dirty little humiliation slut ends up when getting thoroughly mindfucked by Mistress Piper:

“Occasional Sissy Maid Service

Need your house cleaned by a sissy maid?

I’m looking for someone in the area to let me clean their house from time to time while I’m dressed in my sissy maid uniform. Weekdays only, as my schedule permits. No charge; I just ask that you be discrete and offer a little verbal humiliation now and then. Other details can be negotiated.”
My fantasy was that a soccer mom would answer, some bored MILF with time on her hands who loved spanking and humiliating sissies and who would let me clean her most intimate places.
I got a few queries, but they all flaked out, except for one.
He’s a sadistic alpha male whose wife travels during the week and he needs someone to make sure the house is clean when she returns on Fridays. Besides the bathrooms, the vacuuming, and dusting, he needs some work done outside on the 10-acre lot he owns. Inside, I can be as femme and swishy as I want, but outside, I’ll be a collared work [bitch] sweating in the dirt and sun. He said there’s a trough I can drink from.
He’s not gay or bi, but he told the wife about this deal and she likes the idea of having me fluff him so that he’s primed and ready when she walks in the door!
Be careful what you ask for!