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Orgasm Denial Game And NEW Group Blog!

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Oops, did I flash my panties?

I have a sexy orgasm denial game post over on May I Cum linked below, but before I turn you on to that (and with that) let me announce our new group blog, Call for Domination. You won’t find a post by me until July 1, but we already have several Mistresses giving their points of view over there already. Make sure you add it to your LDW blog hop!

And now, just as I promised, I have a sexy post from May I Cum. And, as always, there is a very hot free erotic audio to accompany it. Enjoy!

Orgasm Denial Game Decides Whether You Cum for Mistress

I’m going to be upfront with you: I love to deny your orgasm. There’s nothing on earth like the feeling of telling a man no after he’s spent so much time edging and begging to cum!

Even I have to agree, however, that constant denial isn’t a good play in the long term. If you give up hope of ever cumming, then you will get used to denial. You might even hit a comfortable stride. You might even (gasp!) stop begging and pleading to cum!

But after all this time I’ve spent mercilessly toying with you, I can’t just shrug my shoulders and just let you cum. What’s the fun in that? I think it’s so much more fun to leave it up to chance when you finally get to shoot your wad.

So how about a little dice orgasm denial game that is sure to keep you edged, horny, and ready to explode until you finally get to cum?

Read more at May I Cum: Orgasm Denial Game Decides Whether You Cum for Mistress

1 comment to Orgasm Denial Game And NEW Group Blog!

  • You are so right Miss Piper. What is the fun in constant denial? I think if it’s done too much a sub does get used to it. A little gambling on whether or not a sub gets to cum adds to the excitement. This would be perfectly suited for playing on cam, then mistresses can see all the emotions displayed during the dice game.

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