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About Those Photos I Mentioned Last Time…..

Ummmm….new pictures are fun, aren’t they?

I’ve had a lot of questions about what I’ve decided to do about the photos I referenced in my last blog post. The response was an overwhelming YES from all of you, even if I had to do a little tweaky tweak to keep things private.

“Sure, photoshop your entire face out of the pictures. Just show us some boobies!” (Just kidding. I know all of you love me solely for my personality! LOL.)

Anyway, this past weekend I made a little date with PhotoFriend and we snapped a few test shots. I have a little sample here, complete with tweaks–some of which I like, and some of which….well, I less like. 😉

I was all psyched to see the photos, and *sigh* I was a bit disappointed when he finally showed them to me. Bless his heart, but he got a little heavy handed, and we had to have a little *ahem* conversation about his listening skills.

So I sent him back to the drawing board and told him what I needed from the photos, namely, leave my boobs the fuck alone! Not that I don’t appreciate the gesture (lol) but I would like for him to keep his tweaking above the neck.

More FUN new pictures on the way soon! 🙂

There were a couple of photos that I did like, however, and so I thought you might like to have a little sneak peek at what’s to come.

He wanted me to understand that these were the rough draft, so to speak, and that he was still doing his Photoshop tweaking–so I want to make that CLEAR to you as well. But I just couldn’t resist giving you a little sample.

I have to admit, I had FUN doing these–even if PhotoFriend gave me an instant boob job I never asked for. LOL! I can’t get over how big he made my boobs! Don’t worry–we’ll get those girls back down where they belong! Still, I kind of like having bigger tits, even if it’s just a fantasy!

Stay tuned, friends and fans, I’ll have more exciting photos coming soon. I just have to whip PhotoFriend into shape and get him in line! 😉

2 comments to About Those Photos I Mentioned Last Time…..

  • Oh Ms. Piper!

    I am so glad you had a conversation with your PhotoFriend. It is so hard *ahem* to get some photographers to NOT “improve” on the pictures. Even in mainstream media today we see it with actresses coming out angrily about overdone photoshop pictures on magazine covers.

    I am sire you will work through it. But I must say…nice boob job 😉 LOL!!! I think we know what PhotoFriend fixates on! LOL

    Happy picture taking!

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