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Let’s Write YOUR Sexy Story Together!

You want to know a little bit about the Mistress destined to own you? Read on!

Yes, I have an accent, and yes I’m a southern girl. No, I am NOT a “southern belle.” You’ll understand what I mean once we speak on the phone. 😉 That’s upstate South Carolina you’re hearing, near the mountains. It’s gorgeous up here, and hopefully one day I’ll be riding on up I-26 and living in the mountains for real!

I’m a dominant woman. I know, I know, I sound really sweet. It’s all a ruse to lure you in so I can spring the trap!

No but really. I’m a very nice person, but I’m dominant for real. I don’t do “vanilla phone sex” (you know the kind where you fuck me or I suck your cock). I also don’t do submissive, nor do I switch.

If you get me by accident, and you try to get me to do these fantasies, don’t sweat it. I’ll just assume it was a mistake and allow dispatch to play matchmaker and find you a lady who can meet your sexy needs! (See? That’s a nice way of saying my limits are non-negotiable. Told you I was sweet!)

I love to watch you on cam, and if you want to know the kinds of things I love to talk about, just dig into my blog!

I do all of my own writing, and I try really hard to write in my own “voice.” I also have a free audio page with a ton of audios so you can sample my voice. Try it. You’ll like it!

I am a certified Life Coach, and I’m a certified Trance Imagery Specialist. What that means is that you have goals, and I know how to help you meet them. You may want to stop smoking, or you may want to get over your aversion to your kink.

Believe it or not, there are better ways to reach goals than willpower. Ask me how!

I’m also on a self-study course in various spiritual disciplines, and I’m knowledgeable about several other wellness techniques, having taken formal courses in them.

There are many reasons why you’d want to speak with a woman like me. Sometimes our sexual desires cause us to question whether we’re walking the correct path; our culture places a lot of value on conformity, but not all of us are cut out to be “normal.” We must make peace with all of our parts, and if that is of concern to you, I can certainly help you with that.

If you’re interested in a coaching session, drop me an email! I have several tricks in my bag, and I’m sure we can do something mind blowing!

As far as my personal life is concerned, I keep most of that to myself. I will say, however, that I’m happily dating my best friend. I’ve known him for a very long time, although up until recently I’ve insisted on my freedom and didn’t take myself “off the market.” All that has changed now, and I am in luhhhv.

Yes, he does know what I do for a living, and yes he does ask about my clients and all of your adventures. No, you cannot suck his cock, and no, you cannot talk to him on the phone. He’s a private person, and he and I consider our relationship pretty sacred (although he will allow me to share things about him and me as long as I don’t get too graphic).

So that’s about it–my life summed up in 600 words! 😉

If you have any other questions, drop me a line or comment here on my blog. I’d love to hear from you!