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Please May I Cum? Please? Please? (AND, Fourth Day of Dirty Santa!)

Get Ready to Smile Sissy!

Hah! What do you think I said? Do you think I took pity on this poor stroker boy and let him cum?

Yes, yes, I do have today’s Dirty Santa Stocking Stuffer, and if you’re anxious to listen to it, you can go ahead and get right to it: Cherry’s Deep Dark Sexy Sissy Adventures

You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m just a little excited from my last call. I left a boy with blue balls after 30 minutes of edging–with strict instructions not to cum for another 24 hours! It has been FAR too long since I rode a stroker hard and put him away wet (just not wet enough to drain his poor balls!)

Anytime I get my appetite whetted, it just makes me want MORE. I want MORE begging, more crying, more pleading, more agony!

Who’s going to call me NEXT? Who’s calling me and saying to me, “You get to decide whether I cum”?

long term mistress relationship

You Know You Need It!

Are you brave enough to call, or are you going to be too afraid to call a woman like me when I’m hungry for sweat and tears? You KNOW what I’m going to say when you ask if you can cum after I’ve extracted the service I’m desperately craving. You know I won’t be moved by your cries for mercy.

There will be no mercy for you, no matter how much you need it. My iron will needs to be fed your frustration. I need to know you’ve served me with all that you have!

Are YOU brave enough, or will you jerk off like a little coward and waste that jizz–or will you offer yourself to me and allow me to feed on your sexual desperation?

I demand that you please me, and please me NOW. I need it. I want it!

Whew! Now I’m all worn out!

Not that it’s going to make denial any easier, but as promised, I have a sexy little audio from my sweet cherry pie sissy. Enjoy!

Dirty Santa’s Spank Bank Stocking Stuffer, Day 4: Cherry’s Deep Dark Sexy Sissy Adventures

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