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rope knotI think all mistresses get questions from potential clients about what types of things we will “require” of them. It’s very nerve-wracking to place yourself under control of another person, but at the same time, it’s exactly what you crave, what excites you, isn’t it?

Normally, when a potential client asks me about what I’ll “make” him do, I answer with my own questions. I’m trying to find out where his buttons lie, what scares him just enough, what may scare him way too much. What things will jar him out of submission and into a place I do not wish to take him?

The ironic thing is that, in a typical D/s relationship, the submissive person calls all the shots. No, seriously, it’s true.

The dominant does derive pleasure from her submissive giving up control to her, but her pleasure does not come at the expense of her submissive’s well-being.

Standing on the outside of a D/s relationship, or while watching a scene played out, it certainly looks like the submissive is vulnerable to every whim of his mistress. What you do not see, however, is the countless hours spent developing the mistress/pet relationship, the time spent negotiating limits, the emotional bond between the dominant and her submissive.

A D/s relationship is a relationship like any other. These two people care about, and want the best for, one another. If this is not true, then the relationship is not healthy.

As far as I’m concerned, my goal is to develop a relationship with each of my clients. I like to ask lots of questions about who you are, your thoughts, your motivations, anything I can get you to reveal. I want to know what excites you.

The power exchange, or so it’s called, comes into play when you voluntarily give up control, trust me, and allow me to take you somewhere you can’t go alone. When I feel you pressed into submission by my words, I get a thrill. When I hear your voice change and your breathing come faster, I know I’m in control. I then begin to push your boundaries; I want you to give up more control to me. I want you to be consumed by your desire.

Bottom line? I want to drive you crazy with pleasure. Submissive men are more fun than vanilla men because they have all the buttons just laying out there, begging to be pushed. And the harder I push them, the more my sub goes crazy.

Now, I’m not sure all mistresses “get” this about the D/s relationship, but the good ones do. We only do what you allow us to do. It’s a consensual relationship, and we have no interest in doing you real harm.

You may spend 10 minutes with me, you may spend hours with me, but I give a little piece of myself to all of my callers; I invest in you. I really do care about you. My goal is for you to hang up your phone with a smile on your face (or be too exhausted to smile, lol). Some callers will call me once and that will be it. Some will call me many times. Either way, when I hear your voice, I’m seeking a connection with you.

I’m here to meet your needs.