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I want all of you.

In my last blog post, we answered the question, What is an Empath Mistress, and today we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of serving an Empath Mistress.

Cons of serving an Empath Mistress:

  1. An Empath Mistress cannot fake it. I suck at things I wouldn’t normally do in my real life. Don’t ask me to be a cruel mistress and don’t ask for hardcore verbal humiliation. I don’t work off of a script, and I don’t put on a persona when I click the login button on my computer. You are talking to me. For better or worse, I am the same lady on the phone with you as I am at Target (although luckily I don’t have as much of a potty mouth at Target).
  2.  You can run an Empath Mistress into the ground quite easily. If you’re one of my “pets,” or “slaves,” you must understand that I take this seriously. If you want me to make a commitment to you, then do not blow me off when I give you an assignment. If you’re experiencing difficulty, you’re always welcome to express yourself, but do not just decide not to do it unless you want to find yourself without a mistress. Trust and communication in a d/s relationship is very important, and if I cannot trust you, I simply will not invest time in a “serious” relationship with you because it takes too much out of me. If you’re not willing to invest in your relationship with your mistress, you will burn an Empath Mistress out.

Pros of serving an Empath Mistress:

  1. An Empath Mistress is an extremely good listener. Given that most of my experience with you is through your voice, I am highly attuned to it. Not only that, but I can also discern meanings in your emails and if you have your Empath Mistress watch you on cam, you will find she notices things even you’re not aware of. She really does hear you, see you, and seeks to understand you.
  2. An Empath Mistress loves to feed off of your joy and terror. There are many empaths in the world, and often they struggle with feeling others’ feelings and getting burned out. Empath Mistresses are no different, but we are unique in that we have given ourselves permission to revel in your feelings. That’s what a power exchange dynamic is all about: your passionate feelings steaming off your carcass while your mistress stands over you and soaks it up. She gets more powerful, you become less so. It’s that delicious dance that keeps both dominant and sub coming back for more time and again.

I’ve loved your thoughts on serving an Empath Mistress. Let’s keep the conversation going. Comment below and tell me your thoughts!