Do you suffer from Deadly Sperm Buildup (DSB)?

Do you find your intelligence level dropping as your sperm levels increase?

(If your brain is too foggy from DSB to read, click here to listen!)

You are not alone. DSB affects 9 out of 10 femdom orgasm denial victims daily, causing achy swollen testicles, foggy brain, hyper-erection disorder, and leaky penis syndrome. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you could have Deadly Sperm Buildup. Contact your Mistress immediately. . . .

So she can laugh her ass off at your predicament.

See, DSB is a chronic condition. You were stupid enough to allow her to deny you that one time because you wanted to please her so badly. She convinced you that you’d enjoy the connection, it would be fun to spend a few days in hyper-arousal.

The next thing you knew, however, your dick was jerking you around like a helpless bitch. While you were fumbling with your ding a ling during yet another guided masturbation and edging session, you did not notice Mistress fastening the choke chain around your cock and balls. . . .

Until Mistress yanked your leash and you realized far too late that there will be no escape.

From now on, you shall suffer from Deadly Sperm Buildup. It’s a terminal illness.

The pressure in your balls and the desperation to cum only fuels your passionate desire to please your mistress, and Mistress told you that denying your orgasm makes her feel powerful. Denying your orgasm makes Mistress’ pussy wet.

And that’s all you want, isn’t it? Now that your hard-on fills your brain with fuzz, you are consumed with making your mistress happy.

DSB consumes your existence, and you are left walking around with a humiliating wet spot on the front of your pants from a terminally leaky dick.

Mistress shows NO mercy–only demands more days of denial–and her laughter haunts you in your sleep.