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PSA For Sissies Getting Those Perfect Tan Lines

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One Peek Deserves Another!

Earlier this month, one of my favorite sissies wanted to get some tan lines to show off during a recent session. (I wrote about it on our group blog Sissyville: Getting Sissy Tan Lines To Please Your Mistress Piper)

Silly me, but I assumed this sissy would be getting a spray tan at a salon. I figured this would be the quickest and easiest way for a sissy to get some sexy tan lines. I also figured it would be a sexy way to be put on display a little, to be wearing your bra and panties while you get your tan sprayed on!

(too busy getting your perfect tan? click here to listen!)

My sissy finally told me she planned to get a tan the old fashioned way, by spending many hours by the pool, laying out and sunbathing like a sexy hot babe. She even oiled herself up and everything! Oh la la!

The result was some very sexy tan lines that showed off all of her sexy bits–especially her cute little boobies–in bright white against a nice brown tan.

Now comes the funny part! It has been a little over a week since sissy put on her little tan line show for me. I saw her again today, and her tan lines are still VERY obvious! She told me she’s been sleeping in a shirt to hide her tan lines, and this has not escaped his wife’s attention.

I informed sissy that tan lines like hers could last for MONTHS. Uh oh! Sounds like sissy will be spending her summer under wraps. This could get embarrassing, especially when you have a refreshing swimming pool in your backyard!

So here’s a little PSA for all of you sissies seeking the perfect naughty tan lines:

No matter how much “real” tan lines might sound like a good idea, it might be a better idea to at least ask a salon about their spray tan service. Spray tan lines are so much quicker to fade!

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