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Sweet as sugar, but with a bite!

No fall would be complete without a liberal sprinkling of pumpkin spice. What you may not know is how well pumpkin spice couples with your kinky habit of eating your own cum!

Now, many of you have been fully converted to eating cum without any accoutrements. Many of you actively crave cum and have moved on to finding alternative sources of cum to feed your need. Some of you, however, are still on the sidelines. You’re hoping a Mistress like me will work some kind of magic, wave my wand, and poof! make you a cum eater.

I’m afraid there’s not that much I can do unless you’re resolved to eat cum and make me happy. We can, however, make it easier for you to get the job done.

Just know, though, that if you’re going to take a shortcut, you have to make it up to me with some secret humiliation. Ready to hear my sexy assignment?

You will need to grab a pumpkin spice latte. Next, you will take your latte with you into your office or into the washroom and you will harvest some cum, i.e. jerk off, play with your wee wee, or rub your clitty until it squirts into your cup.

Now guess what you’ll be doing? Yep, you’ll be walking around while you sip your pumpkin spice cum latte in full view of the other patrons at the coffee shop, your assistant, the lady at the nail salon, you get the picture.

After you drink the entire cum latte, then make sure you call me and confess everything. I want to have a good laugh at your expense–but I also want to celebrate your cum eating accomplishment!