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Do You REALLY Want To Please Ms. Piper?

men are the weaker sex

Get on your knees and SERVE!

So this weekend I had a fantastic call with one of my really fun slaves. He always brings me little gifts, kind of like a cat leaves a bird on your doorstep.

(if you’re too busy figuring out how to please me to read, click here to listen: Do You REALLY Want To Please Ms. Piper?)

His offerings are really hardcore sadistic porn, and the men in these videos actually do resemble little limp lifeless things after the Mistress is finished with them. They’re very fun, and very hot!

Well, this slave started telling me how much he wanted to please me. He seemed quite obsessed with it, actually. I explained to him that we’d never meet in person, as I am forbidden to meet him in person.

I told him if he wanted to please me, he should actually sacrifice something very precious, something REAL, something other than little videos and sexy fantasies.

I told him he should not cum for 3 or 4 weeks, and he should deny himself his orgasms for me.

Well, needless to say, the phone went silent! That was NOT what he was expecting in that call! He learned that it was VERY dangerous to ask a woman like me what really pleases me, what he could do to show his devotion.

See, a Mindfuck Mistress like me actually knows what turns you on. I know what turns you on better than you do, actually. I also know what you DON’T want to do, what would be the hardest thing for you to sacrifice.

If we’re just playing around, I keep things to what turns you on. I drive you crazy with lust, and we have a fun little call.

But if you make the mistake of talking about how much you want to please me, well, then shit gets real very quickly. I know what will cost you the most, and I will ask for it.

Then we’ll see how serious you are about pleasing me. You’ll either live up to your promises, or we’ll go back to playing around, getting you off, and doing it your way. There’s no harm in playing around, I enjoy it–I truly do.

But if you expect to run with the big dogs, so to speak, then you better put your big girl panties on.

I do have a handful of slaves making REAL sacrifice, who don’t bat an eye when I ask for costly and painful sacrifices. If you’re going to join their ranks, be ready to get down and dirty. Get ready to suffer.

It’s no question serving me is worth a hearty sacrifice. The question is whether you’re slave enough to handle it.

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