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cumming in your pants

I Make Ruining Your Orgasm a Pleasure!

Sticking your dick in one of my silky stockings is a treat. Stroking you with my stockings is a prize. Allowing you to ruin your orgasm in my stockings, well, that can be quite frustrating.

(Want to listen to this post in my sexy voice? Click here!)

And frustrated is exactly the way I like to keep you. Frustration from ruined orgasms makes you eager to please me in the hopes I’ll allow you to have a ball-splitting, mind-blowing orgasm. And I assure you I will allow you to cum. Just not this time. I get so excited when you beg to cum, and it makes me so happy you’re willing to go without just to please me.

You’re amazed and a little sickened when you hear yourself say you don’t actually want to cum this time. You want to be denied–because you love to make me happy.

Now do you see why I love you so much? You’re such a good boy.

And because you’re a good boy, I’m going to stroke you with my stockings. Silky and tickly, smooth and sexy, up and down, up and down. My fingernails scratch your balls lightly. My pinky flutters past your asshole. You just lay back and enjoy yourself, I say. I’ll take care of everything.

Your cum starts to climb your cock shaft, your balls begin to tingle, your thighs start tightening. It feels so good, the anticipation, doesn’t it? It feels so good to cum!

I don’t stop stroking, and you are sure I’ve changed my mind. You try to conceal the signs of orgasm, you think I won’t notice your breath quickening and your brow furrowing.

Alas, I do notice. Nothing gets by me! Just in time, I release my grip on your cock. It jumps and jerks around inside my stocking and finally oozes with cum. You have tears in your eyes, begging me to stroke it just a little bit more.

I laugh and kiss you on the cheek. Silly boy, you don’t know what you’re saying!

I know you want to please me more than you want to cum. I’m just keeping you from disappointing yourself. See? I do this for you! (*wink wink*)