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long term mistress relationship

You Know You Want To!

I LOVE ruined orgasms! Well, I should say I love giving ruined orgasms.

Do you love having ruined orgasms? Oh, you’ve never had one? Well, we should certainly remedy that. I’m sure any man who’s ever had one would wholeheartedly recommend them. They’re delightful!

You’ve been denied for weeks, and then your Mistress offers you a way out. You can cum under just a few conditions.

All you have to do is stop stroking when she tells you to–oh, and you have to eat your own cum.

As a special treat, I’m going to edge you over and over again. While I’m watching you on cam, I’ll pay attention to your nonverbal cues as well as your verbal cues. As you’re getting closer and closer, I’ll tell you to STOP stroking.

But see, eventually I’ll tire of stopping you from cumming, and I’ll let you go one…two….three strokes too long. Then I’ll STOP you.

Oh no! Too late! Your poor penis is coughing up sperm and weeping! Oops, my bad.

Now you have a big mess to clean up–and no, you may not stroke again to relieve your frustration. Eat your own cum and put your penis away! I’ll think about letting you cum tomorrow. (You believe me, right???)