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On the Second Day of Dirty (Sissy) Santa, My Mistress Gave To Me. . .

men are the weaker sex

Get on your knees and SERVE!

Today’s Dirty Santa Spank Bank Stocking Stuffer comes from a caller I really miss talking to. We used to come up with the nastiest stories!

I never told him this, but our stories used to really get me more than just a little excited! Oh wait, I think maybe I did just tell him that. . .

Here’s a little taste of how our calls used to go. I got wistful from recording this audio. I think you’ll agree, it’s HOT!

I’ve still got a box of your old things in the back of a closet. Let’s get you dressed in your favorite pink sissy dress, with the layers and layers of petticoats, you remember… the dress with big fat bow at the back and the lock at the collar? We’ll put you in some pretty white stockings, so lacey and innocent. Put those pink dolly heels on your feet, the ones that lock in place so you can’t take them off. You’ll wear that curly blonde wig with pigtails and pink bows. Oh, and of course the chastity cage– the pink one that fits your little clitty so tightly.

A little makeup would be nice. A little blush to make your cheeks so pink, just like they are now, so flushed with

Dirty Santa Stuffs Your Stocking!

excitement and humiliation. Some pink lip gloss too.

I don’t think we’ll need the pacifier, though. I know how much you like sucking on it, but since this is our last ever time together, we’re going to do the thing I always wanted to. The fantasy that I had that we never fulfilled when we were together. You’re going to suck a cock for me, the cock of a real man, sissy.

This is just a little sample of this sexy script. Make sure you listen to and download it in its entirety: Sissy and Mistress One Last Time

Thank you, Tink! This script was a delightful romp down memory lane!

Now, if you’re thinking about all the things you’d love to hear me say to you, don’t wait any longer to send them in to me. As of this writing, I only have FIVE scripts submitted, and so I have SEVEN more slots. Why not let one of them be YOUR sexy spank bank script?

Click here to get all the details on how to submit your script: 12 Days You Can Get Excited About: Dirty Santa’s Jolly Old Spank Bank Stocking Stuffers.

If want to get right down to business, here’s the link for you: Submit your Spank Bank Stocking Stuffer Script now.

2 comments to On the Second Day of Dirty (Sissy) Santa, My Mistress Gave To Me. . .

  • Tink

    Holy smoke! I never imagined you’d pick mine to record… actually, I did… I fantasized, jerked off over the idea… now everyone knows my humiliating secret… good goddess, my little clitty is getting hard again…!

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