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secret cuckold fantasies

Cuckold Confessions Welcome Here

Your wife has secret cuckold fantasies–only, she dreams of cuckolding you!

(click here to read this post in my sexy voice!)

You weren’t the only one that noticed your boss’ huge bulge at the company pool party. Your wife couldn’t help but zero in on that python snaking down his thigh, and she’s been riding a huge dildo ever since. Oh, you thought she bought those new sex toys to “spice things up in the bedroom”?

Oh she wants to get spicy, alright; she’s just not thinking about getting spicy with you. You have no way of knowing about your wife’s secret cuckold fantasies, but they have become quite involved.

You only notice how eager she is to help you climb the corporate ladder by inviting your boss over for dinner all the time.

Well, your boss has certainly noticed her perky tits in that silky blouse. He has also noticed your little hot wife bending over in that short skirt. It won’t be only hospitality she’s showing him before too long!

Don’t be surprised when you get home from work one day to see your boss beat you there. Silly husband, you got the times mixed up and thought dinner was at 8:30. You, of course, took the opportunity to show off and work late. Your boss has been there a couple of hours!

You walk in and find your boss leaned up against the counter swigging a beer. Your wife looks

secret cuckold fantasies

Nothing like a creamy dessert!

flushed and flustered from entertaining your boss all by herself.

Oh, you’re going to catch it for sure! Wifey didn’t even have time to put on a bra before she–thinking it was you–answered the door. Hell, she’s not even wearing panties! Maybe you shouldn’t have tried to be the busy beaver after all. She’ll be pissed that you were late.

When your boss leaves, you’re surprised she’s not angry at all. In fact, she’s quite friendly indeed. She pulls up her skirt, grabs your head, and crams it into her sopping wet cunt. WOW! Your wife really appreciates how hard you work to make a nice life for her!

Right about the time she cums hard on your face, you taste the most delicious cream oozing from her, you can’t stop lapping it up.

Wow! You thought the dessert you had tonight was delicious, but it can’t compare to your wife’s delicious cunt cream pie. You should come home late all the time, if you get this kind of treat!