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Don’t forget it’s all about service.

I know after reading all of my aggressive and pointed blog posts, I may have left you with the impression that I’m a bit of a slash and burn femdom phone sex Mistress.

(ready to hear my sexy voice? click here to listen to me read this post to you!)

I suppose that is true, to an extent. I do like to slash and burn through all of your resistance, but when it comes to your personal relationships, I actually like to leave those better than I find them.

And lots of you whiny bitches could definitely use some improvement when it comes to what’s happening at home. For all of your assertions that you’re a submissive man, you don’t really act like it behind closed doors. From what I’ve heard, a lot of you are being self-indulgent whiny ass bitches.

“I want my wife to dominate me, but she doesn’t do ____ right! I try to tell her how to do it, but she just won’t do it.” Do I even have to point out all of the hypocrisy in that statement?

Are you seriously trying to tell a woman how to dominate you? I guess, for you, serving a dominant woman is all about getting your needs met.

Do you want to submit only because it gets your dick hard? Then let me help you out here. If you want to serve just because you want to get off, grab your credit card and keep calling me. Leave your lovely wife out of it, because you don’t have one idea what the fuck “service” is all about.

If you want a woman to dominate you, then you submit to her. Read that slowly, boys: S U B M I T to her.

You don’t submit to your wife only when she’s doing it right. You don’t submit only when your dick is hard. You don’t submit only when she makes you all tingly with her authority.

You goddamn fucking submit because you are the submissive male, and you understand that it’s not about your dick. Women don’t owe your dick anything, so quit being the entitled bitch and man up.

Otherwise, you’re playing around with submission–and hey that’s fine too. You can play, and you can pay. If you’re not ready to pay with your efforts, then you can pay me with your credit card. Just don’t confuse the two and think you’re a real submissive when you’re just playing.

But DO let me know when you’re ready to be a true submissive, because training a husband to be truly of service at home is one of my FAVORITE things to do!