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Sidelined Cuckold Prefers Masturbation to Copulation

I know you NEED to serve me

Cuckolds understand they don’t deserve to dip their sticks in their wife’s glorious honey pot because any dipping they’d do is at her expense.

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Once you’ve seen a real man plumb your wife deep and wide, it’s difficult for you to do anything other than eagerly tug your dingy and recall the look on your wife’s face as she came hard on her lover’s cock. You know the only way you could ever make her cum was with the help of gadgets and dildoes, that your average penis only disappointed her.

Over time you became more and more comfortable with the fact that your wife deserves better than what you can give her. You know she deserves a real man’s cock.

You know that your wife shouldn’t have to deal with your pathetic “average” cock and it’s desperate desire to spit up jizz. Your cock, your problem.

Now you get a chubby thinking about how you’re shut out of your wife’s warm wet pussy. You jerk off from the sidelines.

And all those gadgets and dildoes? Well, your wife certainly doesn’t need them anymore, does she? It’s a shame to let them go to waste. Now they’re making you cum like a bitch with your legs spread–dildo up your butt and a vibrator on your weenis. My how times have changed!

The most amazing change, however, is how you’ve embraced your beta boy status. I suppose furiously masturbating while I cheer you on has something to do with that!


8 comments to Sidelined Cuckold Prefers Masturbation to Copulation

  • Joe bosko

    Yes Ms Piper nothing more stimulating than the look on her face as her lover enters her, getting deeper than I’ve ever hoped to have been

  • PlungerBoy (PB)

    Ms Piper…while I am not a cuckold I can relate to the fact that many times I enjoy masturbating as much if not more than copulating. I love getting on cam and playing out my fantasies of being a stroker slut for mistress. There is just something so “freeing” when I get to do this with the mistresses of LDW. And I love the fact that there is no judgement. I can just imagine if I tried to do this with my SO…the looks I would get either during or after we played out my fantasies. It’s a side of me that I am not willing to show her probably because I don’t know how she would react or what she would think of me. Another reason is that I don’t think I could give up my preconceived notions of her or be able to truly enjoy my fantasies because I would not be able to see her in the role that I would want her to play. And I guess it’s also that part of me likes keeping it a secret from her because it allows me to be another person and it’s just for me. Either way, I do love my masturbation sessions with the mistresses of LDW!!!!!

  • I just love when a cuckold hubby raids the wife’s sex toy drawer once she no longer needs them. He gets to discover a whole new world of secondary pleasure as he moans and squirms like a bitch, a big battery bitch, lol. Nope, once a hotwife graduates to real cock, there’s really no turning back, is there?

  • Ms Piper, I absolutely love this blog post. So to the point and concise. I have to say…the words…”Your cock, your problem.” sums it all up in a nice neat little package.

  • Another brilliant post spoken from the lips of Miss Piper. Your descriptions always crack me up, and let’s face it. Cuckolds are fun to humiliate and put in their place. Beta boy status is where a cuck will always be, his little cock and his little problem!

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