laughing at a small penisYou know women deserve better than what you have between your legs. Why did you ever think you’d earned the right to stick it in a warm, wet pussy? Women are goddesses, royalty. And you? You are less than a poor dirt farmer. You’re a pauper, begging on the streets, eating moldy crumbs you find in trash cans.

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You don’t even deserve to put that rancid tongue on a woman’s beautiful folds of precious flesh. Good with your tongue, hah! What woman wants a second-rate worshiper? Best for you to hang back and see what other chores you can be assigned.

You’ll forever be on the sidelines, waiting for superior men with better cocks to please the women you covet. Once you see how thoroughly they satisfy a woman, you’ll finally understand why you should never again subject a woman to the disappointment that is your tiny dick.

Have you ever made a woman throw her head back in ecstasy? Have you ever driven a woman wild with desire? Did you make her buck and moan, lose all of her inhibitions, want to consume you, to be used by you? Have the woman you’ve been with want to ride you, want you to make them your slut?

The answer to that is, of course, a tragic “of course not.”

That’s why you’re a little submissive creature, pulling on your pud furiously, getting it up imagining a goddess laughing at what you have to offer. You’re masturbating thinking about humiliation–as you should. You’re useless sexually, incapable of satisfying a woman, destined to be a lone, pathetic masturbator.

When you cum, you gobble it all up, because it’s humiliating and gross. It’s exactly what you deserve.