Hugs and Kisses (and Spanks!)

You know, I think some of my best writing is done for our group blogs here at LDW. These posts also have an added benefit of having an erotic audio associated with them. Check these out, and enjoy!

CFNM Examination by Mistress Piper is Humiliating and Exciting

CFNM examinations are humiliating and exciting, aren’t they? You’re naked, I’m not. You’re erect, embarrassed, and exposed with no choice but to comply with my demands.

I am enjoying myself, instructing you to stroke your cock and show me the full length of your cock. Surely you can make it bigger than that measly number! Stroke it harder! Faster! You’re so turned on as I crouch in front of you and stare at your dick critically. You’re also terrified you’re going to cum and spray your spooge all over my blouse.

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You Make a Better Housewife than Husband

Have you ever thought you missed your calling as an old-fashioned sissy housewife from the 1950s? Perfect hairdo, perfect lipstick, perfect outfit?

There’s no room for slackness, sissy girl! Your Mistress doesn’t want to see you looking anything less than perfectly pressed and groomed. A true lady never sweats, gets flustered, or complains!

After all, you don’t make a very good bring-home-the-bacon type man. You simply don’t have the temperament or the equipment to be a go-getter who climbs the corporate ladder (unless of course your boss is holding the ladder and looking up your skirt!)

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Cum Between My Toes: Ms. Piper’s Cuckold Works For His Reward!

You’re a cuckold who loves pretty feet and toes? Guess where I make you cum? Cum Between My Toes for me.

Oh you thought I was going to say you’ll be licking my lover’s cum off my feet and toes? Cock that good doesn’t get wasted on jerking off–I make sure that cock gets crammed between my legs every chance I get! No, your cuckold small penis gets what it deserves: jerked off by your own hand, those pathetic balls emptied on my feet.

I even make you stare at your spooge as it seeps between my toes. You know it’s going to be so much fun going after that splash of jizz. Think it’ll make it all the way under my toes by the time I allow you to clean up your mess?

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